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Tech 21 was established in 1989.

Official URL: http://www.tech21nyc.com

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55 manuals for 45 products from Tech 21 are available:
Acoustic DI American Woman ARMD Bass Compactor Bass Driver Deluxe
Bass Driver DI Bass Driver Programmable Bass Power Engine 60 Bass Power Wedge 60 Boost D.L.A.
Boost D.L.A. Tap Tempo Boost R.V.B. Bronzewood 60 Character Series Classic
CompTortion Double Drive Double Drive 3X GT2 Killer Wail
Landmark 120 Landmark 300 Landmark 600 Landmark 60C (1x12) Landmark 60 (1x10)
MIDI Moose MIDI Mouse Para Driver DI Power Engine 300 Power Engine 400
Power Engine 60 PSA-1 PSA-1.1 RBI RPM
Trademark 10 Trademark 120 Trademark 30 Trademark 300 Trademark 60
TRI-A.C. TRI-O.D. XDI XXL - Guitar and Bass Versions XXL (Original)

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