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The following manuals are available for the Application Notes from Aviom:

A Closer Look at A-Net A-Net And Video: Transmitting Video Over Cat-5 Cables A-Net v. Ethernet: Networking Designed for Audio Aviom and Sports Broadcasting Calibration and Gain Staging with Digital Transport
Connecting Production Trucks, Talent & On-Track Mics with an Aviom Network Extending a Pro64 Network Without Mute Gain Staging and Analog Output Levels Improved Cue Mixing in the Studio Managing Jitter, Wander, and Latency in Digital Audio Networks
Monitor Mixing in Houses of Worship Monitor Mixing in Rehearsal Options for Controlling Pads Personal Monitor Mixing with Engineer Control Talent & IFB Over Fiber with an Aviom Pro64 Digital Snake
Using Fiber Optics With Pro16 Systems Using Personal Mixers with Wireless Monitor Systems

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