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Alesis is a company that designs and markets electronic musical instruments, which it has manufactured primarily in China. Alesis is owned by Numark and based in Cumberland, Rhode Island. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.alesis.com

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42 manuals for 22 products from Alesis are available:
3630 A6 Andromeda Andromeda A6 DEQ830 DM5
Fusion Ion Micron MicroVerb4 MidiVerb3
MidiVerb4 NanoBass NanoVerb PicoVerb Quadra Synth 6
Quadra Synth 6.1 Quadra Synth 7.1 Quadra Synth 8.1 Quadra Synth S4 SR16
SR18 USB Pro Electronic Drum Kit

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